A number of American companies have begun using software and other means to find innovative ideas and solutions to problems in customer service from straight out of their own ranks: workers at the company.

Pitney Bowes Inc., for example, has implemented around 700 if its employeebs ideas. Rather than an old-school suggestion box, the company uses U.K.-based Imaginatik Plcbs program Idea Central. The company found a way to help its callers without transferring them between numerous agents that nearly immediately increased customer satisfaction.

AT&T uses similar software from Spigit Inc., dubbing its new internal network The Innovation Pipeline. To encourage employee participation, the telephone company offers employees financial incentives.

The networking at Pitney Bowles also led to another unintended positive outcome: contracts worth almost $384,000.

For more information about employee innovation, check out Bussinessweekbs article, bWorkers of the World, Innovate.b What do you think of companies using software to draw and implement ideas from their employees? Leave a comment to share your thoughts.

Image credit: strategicmarketsegmentation.com


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