Most people think that putting up a few plants around the office is just a way to make the space look nicer. While plants do help improve the interior design of any space, therebs much more to using plants in the office than just as dC)cor. Plants can actually help improve the health of your employees as well as increase their productivity.

Toxin Removal

First of all, plants help to make the office much healthier. Plants remove around 87 percent of the toxins in the air within 24 hours.

Humidity Stabilization

They also help to establish a humidity level that matches the human comfort range of 30 to 60 percent. This affects your employees in a number of ways. First of all, a healthier environment means fewer sick workers. Studies show that absenteeism is reduced form 15 percent to 5 percent.

Productivity Increases

Secondly, a number of studies have shown that productivity improves as well. For example, 15 percent more ideas are generated by individuals working in an office that has plants.

These are just some of the reasons why you should use plants in the offices of your South Florida business. Contact us at Morris Southeast Group for additional South Florida business advice.


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