Many South Florida business owners believe that a great company starts with recruitment. However recruiting the best employees is only the tip of the iceberg. Creating a great company culture that inspires employees to be creative is where real company success stems from. Talking about creating a good company culture and doing the work to attain it may be two different things. Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing.

You don’t have to be a business owner to think like one. Entrepreneurial thinking can happen within companiesB large and small. Give your employees reign over their own projects from start to finish. Doing so gives them ownership of their own success.

Leading your team by example can set the tone for the company’s culture. If you are a positive, up-beat person who focuses on results, your employees will fall into line.

When bringing other people on to your team don’t be afraid to listen to your gut. If the person does not seem like a good fit for your company when you meet them, listen to that instinct. Doing so can save youB lots of wasted time.

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