It’s safe to assume that productive employees increase your company’s overall success. One way to raise the level of performance in your staff is to encourage them to get up and moving throughout the day. It’s not just about physical health; studies show that light exercise yields better mental performance.

The study, conducted by sports scientist Jack Groppel and the Organizations in MOTION program, kept track of 753 employees working at New Balance. Over half the workers attempted to fit more physical activity during their workday. Of those 53 percent, 42 percent reported greater clarity and concentration while working.

If your employees are having trouble concentrating or keeping their momentum going through the day, find ways to keep them moving at various points throughout the work day.B Encourage workers to take the stairs instead of the elevators. Hand out stability balls for employees to sit on instead of chairs. B Make a morning and afternoon walk a part of the office routine.

A good office design can help inspire more breaks from the desk. B A break room with a coffee machine and filtered water encourages employees to take brief walks to refill their cups. B A beautiful office exterior makes taking a walk outside a pleasure. B You can even include an exercise room in your office design, complete with suggested exercise routines that can be done in ten minutes.

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