Your office is supposed to a place that allows employees to work efficiently. However, efficient and happy donbt have to be separate things. If you follow this advice from Morris Southeast, you can design a workplace that keeps your employees happy, healthy and productive all at the same time. Your customers and your employers will thank you!

  • Incorporate elements of nature into your space. Open up the windows and curtains when possible and add things like potted plants and flowers to your workspace. Employees will have more energy along and feel more comfortable in their space.

  • Use calming colors in your workplace instead of bland or highly saturated hues. Cool colors like lavender or aqua are perfect for a workplace because theybre calming without making employees sleepy. These colors also donbt absorb light.
  • Think about providing healthy snacks for employees. Snacks donbt cost much money, and buying things like fresh fruit for employees wonbt break your bottom line. At least make them available for employees to purchase to stay healthy.

Contact Morris Southeast for more information and for help finding the right place for your company when itbs time to move into new offices.


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