Many companies frown upon giving their employees a chance to telecommute, thinking that itbs better to have all of their employees work out of an office space. Itbs much easier to keep track of employees this way, after all. However, a number of studies relating to the matter have found that there are actually a number of benefits to telecommuting that you may want to consider.

First of all, employees that telecommute tend to appear happier, according to many business decision makers. In many cases, upper management has found telecommuting to not only be mutually beneficial but also that it has made employees more productive. One of the reasons for this is that employees who telecommute tend to be much less stressed out, partially due to the fact that they are working at home, an area that is much more comfortable to them. This leads to them taking less sick days as well, thereby increasing their productivity for the company. Because of the mutual benefits involved in telecommuting, itbs becoming more and more popular among companies over the last few years.

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