The massive, sterile, cubicle-filled, fluorescent-lit office building we’ve all seen in movies is more a Hollywood fabrication than a reality in today’s business world. Whether you’re upgrading or considering a move into new offices, today’s work-spaces are a lot less depressing. Here are some of the new trends you should consider incorporating into your own office to make yourself and your employees more comfortable.

More Light

With more and more cities offering tax incentives for reducing energy costs, and withB studies showing a link between daylight and greater productivity, today’s offices have larger windows that let in more natural light.

More Open Spaces

Another big trend in office design is more open space. Today’s workers feel less crowded because they’re working in collaborative areas, not in isolated cubicles. Even call center workers and others who need some sound isolation are more likely to find themselves at long, segmented tables with one or two walls around workstations rather than four.

Exceptions to the Rule

As with all business trends, there are exceptions. For leadership and managerial positions, and in high-education positions such as the legal field, private offices are still the norm for employee work spaces, though the public areas are becoming less formal.

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