So maybe youbve already gone green at home. Youbve started recycling, youbve replaced your old light bulbs with energy-efficient ones, and youbre conserving the water you use. But now youbre wondering how you can go green in all aspects of your life, like at your job, for instance. Check out these great tips, courtesy of, on how to go green in the workplace.

b”B B B When conserving the energy you use at work, start with your computer. Make sure you shut down your computer before you leave at the end of the day, and set your computer to energy-saving settings. You can also unplug computer accessories that arenbt used very often, like scanners and printers.

b”B B B Make everything digital; this will conserve your use of paper products. Instead of keeping files in a filing cabinet, keep them on your computer. Send e-mails instead of paper letters. Donbt print out documents to review; read them on your computer screen.

b”B B B Make an effort to have a bgreenerb commute to work. Try carpooling with one of your friends to work. Take the bus, ride your bike, or walk. If these alternative forms of transportation wonbt work for you, consider buying a hybrid car, a motorcycle, an electric car, or some other eco-friendly vehicle.

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