The lighting in your office is likely mostly taken care of by overhead fixtures and panels. However, the lighting that is standard to most office buildings may not be the best and it could be holding your employees back without you even knowing it. Insufficient lighting can lead to sleepiness and a lack of productivity, so use these tips to make sure your buildingbs lighting is up to date.

  • Use lights that can be moved or rotated when installing new ones. That way employees can use the lighting appropriately at their workstation.
  • Consider how much glare a light creates on a computer screen in your office environment. Glare greatly increases fatigue and can make it hard for employees to focus and concentrate. Movable task lighting can help to reduce glare at each work station.
  • Make sure overhead indirect lighting is very bright. On the lux brightness scale, you should be somewhere between 500 and 1,000, especially when computers and other devices are being used in the room like in most offices.

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