Hiring valuable employees and keeping them motivated is a huge part of running a successful South Florida business. However, you may not be getting the best from your employees if you donbt understand how they work and how they can best help you. When it comes to understanding personality type, the Myers-Briggs Indicator (MBTI) can be a huge help in finding the best responsibilities for your employees, helping them and the company thrive.

  • Consider making the MBTI optional for employees to take in your office. Itbs a tool that can help them be more productive in their work and more fulfilled in their job as well. It really can benefit you and them.
  • Encourage open conversation about personality type in your office, especially during the hiring process. Youbll have much more valuable employees if you truly understand their strengths and perceived strengths and work to employ them.
  • Think about adding new tasks to some employeesb responsibilities based on personality type. You may find that some employees have special skills you havenbt been utilizing.

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