When your new company starts showing exceptional profit, it’s time to consider growth and investment. Real estate is one of the surest ways to invest in your company’s future growth, giving you a professional location for employees to come into work and clients to meet you. If you are interesting in investing in commercial real estate, but need funding to do so, consider the ideas below.

  • Bootstrapping allows you to keep total control over the investing process. In this case you draw funding from credit cards, savings and possibly equity from your home. If you succeed, you have no one to pay back but yourself, but it is a risky form of investment.
  • Bank financing also allows you to maintain sole equity in the business and can also prove useful down to the road if you need additional funding. Be sure to prepare for a loan application to increase the likelihood of successfully obtaining a loan.
  • If you’re new to real estate investing, seek out an angel investor that can show you the ropes and provide funding.

Make sure you are ready for your business to be up and running by preparing for a move into new offices in South Florida. Contact one of our real estate experts at Morris Southeast when you are ready to begin your search.


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