Forbes Magazine, a preeminent business publication, recently featured a list of unique offices that are sure to inspire your workspace. Offices are no longer just about function! You should approach your business’ office space as a place to reflect current style trends, the business’ mission, and your employee’s hard work and creativity.

All of the featured offices are amazing but our favorites include:

  • BrandBase:B Comprised almost exclusively of recycled wood pallets, BrandBase’s office space takes creativity to a new level. Employees work at long tables in shared spaces to promote collaboration and creativity.
  • Upperkut:B Large scale graphics and bold colors help the employees at this young communications firm showcase their creativity and unique style. The offices are in the basement of a fully functioning church, and the design works well without altering any architectural elements.
  • Oktavilla Graphic Design:B Located in an old textile manufacturing plant, this graphic design firm has found creative ways to honor the past and look toward the future. An acoustic wall of bundled magazines is a creative way to block sound in communal spaces.

If you’re ready to move into new offices,B contact the professionals with the Morris Southeast Group for help finding the perfect space.


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