Tired of your outdated office layout? Check out these design trends that are sure to be a hit this year.

At Morris Southeast Group, we’ve been in the commercial real estate business for decades. During this time we’ve seen a variety of office design trends come and go. 2016 looks to be another year focused on flexibility and collaboration, when it comes to office space. Check out some of the top office design trends to get some ideas about upgrading your current space.

1. Standing desks

With a variety of research being released that attributes health problems with sitting for long periods of time, companies are promoting standing desks as a healthy alternative to 8+ hours per day of sitting at a desk. Standing desks also offer a much cleaner and more modern look, compared to the traditional bulky desks, which were prevalent in most office environments for so long.

2. Open concept work areas

While the executive suites may not be there quite yet, companies are investing in open concept designs for the majority of their office spaces. This helps to improve communication and foster team culture.

3. Mix of different textures

Office designers are now bold in their color and texture choices. Gone are the days of drab carpet and dark wood desks. Today, designers are using a variety of materials and colors to create a more inspiring work environment.

4. End of permanent layouts

Flexibility is paramount in today’s business world. While years ago, permanent layouts were the norm for commercial office space, now modular office components are being used that can be mixed, moved, and stacked to offer an almost unlimited amount of potential configurations to promote creativity and collaboration.

5. Designated lounge areas

As technology continues to become more wireless and mobile, companies are looking for ways to create designated lounge areas. These areas are meant to make work more enjoyable and relaxing in hopes to stimulate collaboration.

6. Versatile workspaces

If you walked in any large office building 10 years ago you were likely to see wall-to-wall cubicles. Today, cubicles are disappearing and being replaced by more versatile, non-assigned seating. Companies are ditching cubicles and instead using multipurpose areas that can be utilized for a variety of things from multimedia presentations to small breakout sessions.

7. Large community tables

If you’ve been into any of the new, hip restaurants in South Florida, you’ve likely seen a shift to community tables as opposed to large numbers of smaller tables. This same trend can be seen in office settings where people are looking for more social interaction while at work.

As you can see from these popular office trends, companies are looking for ways to breed creativity and flexibility, while also promoting a more relaxed and collaborative environment. If you’re looking for new office space that shares some of these hot trends, contact Morris Southeast Group, a leading South Florida Commercial Real Estate Services Firm today at 954-474-1776 x 303.