The idea of an open concept office has been on the rise in recent years. Cubicles are vanishing, dividers between task areas are being eliminated, and co-workers are operating with one another in larger spaces designed for multiple functions. This open space concept can help promote teamwork and collaboration.

But is the open space concept ideal for every office? Perhaps not. Traditional office spaces where each employee had a dedicated space ideal for serious work and confidential phone calls certainly had its own benefits. Are there simple ways to merge the two office space styles, promoting both collaboration and private space? Yes, with just a shift in perspective:

  • Collaboration zones are areas of an office dedicated to project work, collaboration, and professional connections with other employees.
  • Fun zones help make work more enjoyable. Office spaces dedicated to gaming, ping pong, or snack zones help to raise employee morale.
  • Quiet and private zones offer employees a space to focus, engage in confidential communications, and still be close to the action.

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