Recent technology has allowed many workers, whether business owners, freelancers or employees, to stay at home for work rather than make their way in to a specific workplace.

With iPads, BlackBerries and even just laptops, the thinking is: who needs a physical address or office anymore anyway? Anything that can be done there can be done at home.

As Florida Trend details in this article, the vice president of Meridian Design Associates recently began a satellite office in Clearwater, which he made out of a condo thatbs half residence, half workplace. His private space remains mainly in the bedroom, while the rest of the 1,000-square-foot space functions as an office.

And the benefits of working from home are alluringbmore flexibility in a schedule and no commute. Just keep in mind that there are downsides too. Work-from-homers often get lonely and have trouble separating their professional and personal lives.

Have you noticed a decrease in the number of people going in to work? Do you think itbs better to go in to an office or stay at home? Share your thoughts.

Photo credit: Mark Wemple for Florida Trend


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