Nothing wastes more time than holding unproductive meetingsB atB your South Florida business. Not only have you failed to accomplish whatever it was you wanted to accomplish, but youbve wasted valuable work time for everyone in attendance. The following are a few tips to make sure your next meeting is a productive one:

  • Keep your meetings short. The shorter they are – maybe 30 minutes at the most – the less work time you lose. Not to mention, you will be forced to focus the meeting in order to finish on time.

  • Send out any materials you want to go over prior to the meeting. This way you can spend the meeting actually discussing the materials instead of explaining them.
  • Donbt fall into a monologue. Meetings should be about engaging everyone in attendance, not about listening to yourself talk.
  • Avoid tangents and stay on topic. If other topics come up, leave them on the table for another time, or discuss them later via email or social media.

Use these tips to make your meetings more productive. If youbre in need of office space, contact us at Morris Southeast today.


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