When it comes to running an office, you want to keep the costs of operations down as much as possible. In order to do this, itbs important that you donbt waste your office resources. The following are a few common ways resources are often wasted around the office:

  • Over-processing b Sometimes printing reports or documents to hand out to employees is a waste of time and paper, especially if it’s something that could simply be read on a computer screen.

  • Too much waiting b One of the biggest waste of resources is waiting b whether itbs waiting for a computer to start up, waiting for specific information to come your way, or waiting for a meeting to start.
  • Too much inventory b Keeping too much stock — from out of date pamphlets to equipment that is never used — is not only a waste of resources, but it also makes it more time-consuming to find what youbre looking for.

Avoiding wasting resources around the office can greatly decrease your costs of operation. For more information about keeping cost down and where to move into new offices, please contact us at Morris Southeast today.


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