If you look at the business landscape, youbll probably notice the widespread use of cubicles in the office. The use of cubicles is meant to enhance the privacy of the employees, B allowing them to focus on the task at hand, free from outside distractions. However, does your office actually need cubicles? The following are reasons why you may or may not want cubicles in the office.

  • Cubicles are great if your employees need privacy to get work done. However, if the nature of their work requires that they work together, then cubicles may not be the best idea.
  • How often do your employees come face to face with customers or clients? If your employees often meet with clients or potential clients, a cubicle may not provide enough comfortable space for more than one person.
  • Although cubicles provide great storage space for the individual employee, if you have stored items that need to be accessible to a number of employees, they may not be the best fit.

Keep these factors in mind when deciding on whether or not to provide cubicles to your employees. Although they can be incredibly beneficial to your work environment, they could possibly be detrimental as well.

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