It should surprise no one that team oriented work spaces are becoming more and more popular. More work gets done in a team setting and great ideas are exchanged when teams are front and center. So how does one go about creating an effective conference room when you are looking around at office space? Here are some suggestions.

  • Capacity: How big is the conference room in your office space going to need to be? This will most immediately determine what type of a conference room you are able to have.
  • Image: What type of an image or style are you trying to get across in your office? This is another determining factor when you’re trying to hone in on the perfect room type.
  • Use: How often will this conference room be used? Will teams meet here daily and keep notes and meetings flowing through? Or will this room be used for a multitude of different things, sometimes several in a day?

It’s also wise to decide what you’d like the layout to look like, what type of fixed and mobile amenities you would like and how efficient you need the space to be. Write down your needs and speak to Morris Southeast Group to let us help find commercial real estate that will meet your company’s needs for conference room space.



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