A place of business can often feel stagnant to employees, even if they have enough work to keep them busy for a 12-hour day. However, as an employer, there are things you can do to boost the movement of employees and promote health in the workplace. This movement can also help boost productivity and give you happier employees, which benefits everybody. Use these tips to get your employees moving:.

  • Create a morning exercise plan. It might sound crazy, but gathering some employees in the morning for a few minutes of calisthenics can promote bonding and get employees in shape. It can also wipe away the morning cobwebs so everybody can get down to business.
  • Put fun items in the break room and around the office. A good example could include simple things like a set of free weights or a hula hoop. Again, it might sound strange to promote weightlifting at work, but a brief burst of exercise can benefit everybody.
  • Give gym memberships as a holiday bonus. No, employees canbt use them on work hours, but itbs a great way to encourage health and happiness in your staff.

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