Some corporations in the South Florida area are looking for ways to reward employees and show how much they are appreciated during this holiday season. Everyone loves a bonus, but there are still many businesses that have to scale back in order to keep their doors open. There are plenty of gift ideas that can be a great direction to go in for a business that wants to stand out. Here are a few examples from The Miami Herald for corporate gift giving this holiday season:

  • Dolce Shot is a Miami based company that makes 2 ounce servings of energy shots. Everyone enjoys finding cool new local companies to support and this might cut back on the need to make a new pot of coffee half-way through the day.
  • Technological gadgets like a wireless speaker or a new skin of phones or laptops can be a lot of fun, especially if personalized to reflect your companybs logo.
  • Consider things like limited edition bottles or personalized desk sets.

Check out more of the suggestions from The Miami Herald and then come back and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Do you like the direction this takes holiday gift giving on the corporate level?

Source: South Florida guide to corporate gift giving
Photo Credit: michaelaw on stock.xchng


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