In most businesses, good team synergy is vital to the success of the business as a whole. People at different levels and within different departments need to communicate and work together in order to accomplish your business goals. If you’re having trouble fostering communication between your employees within your business, the problem may not be the people but the actual space where they work every day.

A new trend is emerging in office structure, where social interaction and easy collaboration between employees is becoming paramount. B An office concept designed to capitalize on this trend, called the Sharing Office, utilizes both physical space and state-of-the-art technology to foster the collaborative efforts of the staff.

Some of the particulars of the Sharing Office concept may be technologically out of our reach at the moment, but the concept is easy enough to replicate in your own office. B Open spaces that allow employees to interact with each other and social technology like shared documents, cloud databases, and online chat systems can all help your staff work together efficiently.

As Generation Y accepts more responsibility at your business and Generation D starts to enter the workforce, you canbt underestimate the social aspect of the office. B Morris Southeast Group can help you navigate South Florida commercial real estate to find the ideal office space for encouraging communication and collaboration between your employees. B Contact us at 866-930-1426 for more information.


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