Florida commercial real estate investment has a number of benefits for buyers. One benefit that many people simply looking for an investment donbt realize is that buying commercial real estate may allow for more flexible financing terms, making it a more profitable and easier investment in the short term.

  • You may be able to buy commercial real estate with little or no money down by using private money partners. This payment option is ideal for avoiding interest and maximizing profits, especially on larger investments.

  • Itbs easier to obtain multiple mortgages. For example, you may be able to get a partial loan from the bank and take out a second mortgage in your own name, allowing you to pay for a more expensive commercial property. Partners also make this type of payment plan easier.
  • You may be able to even earn cash up-front by obtaining a mortgage and leasing space back to the seller. This is more common than you think, especially in large units where the seller wants to do business.

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