The Coconut Grove business district is scheduled to receive sidewalk renovation, but some of the area’s business owners don’t agree to. The project, which is a collaboration between the city of Miami and the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District,B will cost around$6 million and include new, thicker brick pavers, wider sidewalks, new lighting and the replacement of more than 20 trees.

While it would seem as though efforts to make the area’s streetscape more attractive would be welcomed with open arms, they aren’t. Some Grovites believe the replacement is unnecessary, while business owners are worried that the city is focusing on the wrong things and thatB the sidewalk construction will have an impact on foot traffic. There is even an online petition that “requests that the City and County explore ways to safeguard existing trees in order to promote their health and longevity.”

What are your thoughts on the sidewalk improvement project that is set to take place? To read more on the Coconut Grove business district renovation visit the Miami HeraldB and be sure to share you comments below.

Source: Miami Herald