A few weeks ago we shared news of Miami-Dade County’s mayor Carlos Gimenez’s expectation to make an impact on real estate, and most recently the City of Miami’s mayor is speaking out on the subject.

Mayor Tomas Regaldo was recently interviewed at the opening of theB University of Miami Life Science and Technology Park where he commented on the impact of the park,B the city’s development andB foreign buyers. When asked about what has been drawing in foreign buyers and how can more interest be generated Mayor Regaldo responded with,

I think it’s about that their investment is safe here. Number one, taxes are low, and their perception is that we have a city that is growing and growing, and investors want to take chances with bargains — and we have seen a lot of bargains. In downtown only, the [residential] occupancy level is 85 percent now, so you don’t see any more dark condos at night in downtown Miami.

To read the entire interview with Mayor Regaldo discussing the Miami real estate market visit The Real Deal, then head back over and share your thoughts with us.

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