Whether youbre starting a new business or just considering investing in commercial real estate, knowing which areas are growing is important if you want to earn on your investment. South Florida is going to be booming throughout 2014. In fact, four cities in the South Florida area are going to be key areas of growth this year.

  • Miami: Ranked number 57 on WalletHubbs top places to start a business, Miami is a hotspot that is going to continue growing, especially when it comes to commercial property.

  • Pembroke Pines: It might not have the name Miami does, but itbs ranked number 63 on that list of 150, and for many business owners a more affordable commercial real estate makes a lot of sense.
  • Fort Lauderdale: Coming in at number 83, Fort Lauderdale is a fairly large city with a small area vibe. Thatbs why many companies will be starting business in the area this year.
  • Hialeah: Another smaller area, Hialeah ranked number 108 in the US and will continue its trend of upward growth in 2014.

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