Earth day is coming up and it may be time to celebrate by moving in a greener direction with your office space. In addition to these great ideas from 2008, we’ve come up with some suggestions that could help motivate your team to pick greener options in celebration of this year’s Earth Day.

  • Plan an office wide carpool day. Help your team arrange the carpool, and with any luck it’ll stick.
  • Consider a water cooler over bottled water.
  • Put recycling bins in more accessible locations. More people are likely to recycle if it’s easier.
  • Offer incentives to employees who are willing to bike or carpool to the office.
  • Try to arrange an entire day to go paper free for the whole office.
  • Make sure your team knows how they can help make the office greener.
  • Recycle any of your old equipment or donate it to a local school that may need it.
  • Make sure your employees turn off their computers at the end of the day or during periods of disuse, like lunch.
  • Use Earth Day to create a committee of people interested in making your office space greener.

Or if your office isn’t equipped to go green, then Morris Southeast can help you find one that is.


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