An Update on the South Florida Hotel Industry’s Post-COVID Recovery

May 26, 2021

COVID-19 caused a massive downturn in South Florida's hotel industry, but an uneven recovery is underway  It goes without saying that COVID-related lockdowns and panic caused a significant slowdown in South Florida's service economy. Tourism, conventions, and general business travel are vital to the region's financial stability, given the money they bring in every year.

Beyond the Pandemic: Climate Change is a Significant Issue For CRE

April 7, 2021

With COVID-19's impact winding down, CRE investors should be aware of another challenge that never left. COVID-19 has been on everyone's mind for the past year. And for CRE investors, the pending return to “normalcy” and economic recovery are crucial topics. But the pandemic has taken a lot of attention away from a long-term issue

Why Distribution and Fulfillment Spaces Could Remain in High Demand

January 27, 2021

COVID has accelerated reliance on technology and increased online shopping, which could continue to make warehouse space a valuable investment in 2021 and beyond. COVID-19 has created a situation where consumers spend less time in brick and mortar retail shops. Not only does fear of getting sick accompany shopping in stores, but social distancing rules

How the Post-COVID Recovery Could Look and What It Means For CRE

January 20, 2021

Recovery from the COVID-driven recession likely won't be linear, and the commercial real estate sector could be in for some volatility in the coming months. There's no doubt many businesses are feeling COVID-related economic struggles because of issues like high unemployment, social distancing rules, the changing workforce, and limited population mobility. The economy will recover

Why Commercial Real Estate Remains a Solid Investment Despite the Risk of Inflation

January 13, 2021

Inflation brings about uncertainty, but CRE could be a stable investment to protect against its outcomes. There's a non-trivial chance that we're heading toward a lengthy period of high inflation because of the Federal Reserve slashing interest rates and government debt reaching unprecedented levels. The result would be money being worth less, lowering the value

Morris Southeast Group Closes 100,000 Square Feet in South Florida Commercial Real Estate Transactions

December 17, 2020

Sunrise, FL; December 16, 2020 – Morris Southeast Group President Ken Morris, SIOR, RPA, announced 100,000 square feet of recently completed South Florida lease and sale transactions, plus a new listing in Plantation, FL. Ken Morris, SIOR & Adriana Lilly represented Keratin Complex in a seven-year lease for 55,134 square feet at the Hillsboro Technology

Morris Southeast Group Completes Third Industrial Lease with The Legacy Companies this Year

December 2, 2020

2555 Kuser Road in Hamilton, New Jersey Sunrise, FL; November 30, 2020 – Following a record third quarter in leasing and sales activity for his firm, President Ken Morris, SIOR, RPA, of Morris Southeast Group announced a recently completed lease transaction on behalf of his longtime client—The Legacy Companies—for 78,585 square feet at 2555 Kuser

Morris Southeast Group Reports Record Quarter 3 Results

November 4, 2020

Sunrise, FL; October 26, 2020 – In the teeth of the pandemic, President Ken Morris, SIOR, RPA, of Morris Southeast Group announced one of the best quarters in history for his South Florida commercial real estate services business. In the 3rd quarter this year, the firm completed 151,753 square feet in leases and was awarded new leasing and management assignments

Things To Consider When Leasing To A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

October 14, 2020

Some essential CRE steps when leasing to an essential business At the height of lockdowns and quarantines, it quickly became apparent that what was considered essential expanded far beyond first responders and hospital staff. Truck drivers working long shifts to get goods to supermarkets, and the employees stocking shelves with those products quickly rose to

Can Proposed Seawalls Protect Miami From Storm Surges?

October 7, 2020

The Magic City could see walls become a permanent part of the downtown area if an Army Corps of Engineers plan comes to fruition Downtown Miami has one of the planet's most spectacular coastlines, featuring buildings that seemingly jet from the ocean as you approach from the air or water.  This beautiful location comes with

Are Big Cities a COVID Casualty?

September 16, 2020

Or has the pandemic merely spurred the need for a new beginning? Consider it the essay that was heard ‘round the world. James Altucher, a former hedge-fund manager, author, and comedy club owner, penned his opinion that New York City was dead because of the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. In the piece, he laments