The Future of Healthy Buildings and Features After COVID?

February 9, 2022

Legacy Tower at Miami Worldcenter has some novel features that may become more popular as the demand for ‘healthy’ buildings grows Legacy Tower at Miami Worldcenter, a 55-story building with 310 residences, 219 hotel rooms, and 10 floors of medical facilities, broke ground in summer 2021. In doing so, it became the first new construction

Evaluating the Safety of Older Buildings After the Surfside Condo Collapse

January 5, 2022

Properties are under additional scrutiny for potential safety issues, and many buyers were hesitant in the tragedy’s aftermath The sudden collapse of a beachfront condominium in the oceanfront town of Surfside, Florida, last June claimed 98 lives and brought immense pain to the community. It also made many residents and potential buyers of older condos

Inventory Data Reveals That South Florida City Living Remains Popular

December 15, 2021

Recent inventory statistics suggest far more demand for urban apartments and condos in the region than in early 2020. Even before the pandemic, many Millennials were leaving the cities for suburban areas where they could purchase single-family homes to raise their families. Having a private outdoor space and the lower suburban vs. urban real estate

Condo Craze #2

September 30, 2014

For the data wonks that we had promised to provide some numbers with analysis, we apologize for the delay but we will get to it! But first, an article hit the newswires that we had to comment on: “Florida’s Condo Bust Hits the Courts.” The early August article, first published in the Wall Street Journal,

Miami’s Condo Craze

September 26, 2014

Like the guys on TV’s reality show, “storm watchers,” we’re re-launching the Morris Southeast Blog with a post on Miami’s condo craze. After all, condo development is the big story in South Florida real estate and we intend to track it. However, we are mostly interested in how all the residential condominium building is impacting