Keep Up With Workplace Trends to Stay Competitive

May 30, 2013

Harnessing today's workplace trends is crucial to business success. B Your employees are bound to be aware of the trends through discussion with friends and families in other workplaces, and if your office is not moving with the times your employees may start seeking more current and relevant companies with which to work. TelecommutingB Infrastructure

Communication in the Office is More Effective Than Online Communication

March 29, 2013

You might have noticed that more and more people are beginning to sign in using the Internet rather than heading into the business's premises each morning. After all, telecommuting enables businesses to save on the costs of maintaining office space, while their personnel can relax in the comfort of their own homes. However, telecommuting also

Creative Design Ideas for an Effective Office

March 27, 2013

When you move into new offices, it is important to think about how you can utilize the new space to maximum effectiveness. Incorporating the following creative ideas into your design will help motivate your employees, allow team members to work together on projects, and improve overall productivity. Create a variety of work areas. It is

Create an Inviting Break Room in Your Office

March 25, 2013

In a typical workday, employees communicate with one another for business reasons. It's necessary for employees to bond with one another on a social level to reinforce strong professional relationships. This is why it's important for an office to have an inviting break room where people can go to relax. The ideal break room should

Things to Look for When Seeking a Productive Office Space

March 23, 2013

An office space can enhance or detract from productivity in many ways. For this reason, you should choose the space carefully. Here are three features to pay attention to when searching for a new office in Southeast Florida. Sufficient Space A cramped working area is distracting and uncomfortable. The space should be large enough to

Corner Offices: Are They Really That Great?

March 9, 2013

There are challenges that every business is faced with, one being looking for the perfect office space. The right office space design can be a major force behind the growth of a business. Although everyone wants that coveted corner office with a view, is it really that great, and will it help your business grow?

Commercial Real Estate Predictions Looking Strong For 2013

March 1, 2013

The South Florida commercial real estate landscape is looking sunny once again, as it is throughout the United States, as well. Forbes recently published an article outlining a Jones Lang Lasalle report that had a positive outlook for commercial real estate in general, including office, retail and industrial properties. Construction has continued to have a

Let Morris Southeast Handle Your Tenant Issues in S. Florida

October 31, 2012

Do you have an empty building that needs tenants but youbre having a hard time attracting potential renters? If youbre staying up late tonight worrying about your commercial property rather than the monster in that horror movie that you watched before bed with a bowl full of candy, then youbre letting yourself worry too much.

Fort Lauderdale Airport Expansion Good for South Florida Commercial Real Estate

September 27, 2012

It was recently announced that the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport will be expanding its international terminal starting in October 2012. B This $450 million project will add 4 new gates, restaurants, shops, and restrooms to the airport and is expected to be completed by 2018. What does this mean for the South Florida commercial real estate

New Architectural Center Will Enliven Downtown Miami

July 23, 2012

Have you heard of news of the Miami Center for Architecture and Design leasing 5,500 square feet ofB space in the downtown Miami's landmark post office?B The ground floor of the historic post office will soon become home to a flexible exhibit and gallery, a permanent exhibit on Miami architecture, and gift store while the

Pricing Recovery Spreads Across CRE Sectors

July 19, 2012

While the level of U.S. job growth hasn't been very pleasing, the commercial real estate pricing recovery has continued and spread throughout the various sectors. The gains have made their way from institutional-grade buildings down to smaller general quality properties. According to CoStar's latest CCRSI report, ...the two broadest measures of aggregate pricing for commercial