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Don't Let Moving to New Offices Hamper Productivity

One of the biggest obstacles facing any business is maintaining productivity while moving into a new office. You can expect to lose valuable work time, even if you’re changing locations in the same building.

Here are some tips that don’t let moving to a new office hamper productivity:

Plan For Everything
No scenario is minor when planning a move into a new office, as you need to create a floor plan on where the cubicles and office machines are going to be placed, then distribute copies to the movers. Try to schedule your move over a weekend, so it will give you ample time to install and troubleshoot any potential technological problems that may occur.

Upgrade Your Technology
Deciding to move your business is an excellent excuse for upgrading your computer system, as this decision can usher inB a new era for the company. In the interim, the use of laptops will help make the transition much easier for your customers.

Be Prepare For The Unexpected
No moveB is totally predictable, so you must notify your customers in advance about your availability during the entire moving process. This will help keep productivity up during the chaos of moving.

For more tips and tricks for your office, keep reading our Morris Southeast Group blog.


Know the Stages of Small Business Growth

Earlier this year, we discussed anticipating your company’s short- and long-term growthB when studyingB office space. For the duration of your lease, your office space should accommodate necessary additional personnel and inventory.

Exactly how can you reasonably calculate small business growth so you’ll know when it’s time to move into new offices? Mike Moore, of Kaufman, Rossin & Co. recently citedB four stagesB of small business growth:

  1. $500,000-$5 million annual revenue – This stage is characterized by creative energy; processes naturally evolve.
  2. $5-$25 million annual revenue – An organizational B-B-restructuring may be needed and processes should be streamlined. Detailed reporting leads to excellent information access.
  3. $25-$100 million annual revenue – Competition increases and forces additional organizational realignment. Improvements within the company and company performance are constant.
  4. $100+ million annual revenue – It’s time for “new and improved” staff and processes during this evolution of your company. Performance metrics should be adjusted.

Check out our Office Space CalculatorB to determine your current space requirements. Our real estate professionals at Morris Southeast Group provide corporate site services and property management for South FloridaB companies at every stage of business growth. Call 866-930-1426 orB contact us, and let’s begin the conversation about location and space for your company.

Creative Design Ideas for an Effective Office

When you move into new offices, it is important to think about how you can utilize the new space to maximum effectiveness. Incorporating the following creative ideas into your design will help motivate your employees, allow team members to work together on projects, and improve overall productivity.

  • Create a variety of work areas. It is uncomfortable, and unnatural, to sit behind a desk all day. Create a combination of work areas for both sitting and standing, and comfortable spots for group meetings.
  • Exemplify your brand image. Use your office design to express your work culture and give employees a sense of belonging to part of the bigger picture.
  • Include relaxation zones. Add some social spaces for non-work related activities to encourage communication between staff members.
  • Get feedback from employees. Let workers design or decorate their work spaces to any feasible extent.

Move into new offices that allow you to incorporate all of the above and any of your own creative ideas. At Morris Southeast, we can help you find a new office space to suit all your needs.

Corner Offices: Are They Really That Great?

There are challenges that every business is faced with, one being looking for the perfect office space. The right office space design can be a major force behind the growth of a business. Although everyone wants that coveted corner office with a view, is it really that great, and will it help your business grow?

Being able to offer your employees a corner office is rewarding for their dedication, giving them something to work hard for. Employees that reach this level at work benefit from quiet, private space and enticing views from sunny windows.

However, keeping employees in close quarters and in an open layout can encourage teamwork and conversation. Corner offices can separate employees from each other, where they lose out on sharing great ideas.

Whether you’re looking for a space with corner offices or an office space designed for collaboration, our commercial real estate experts can find you an office space that meets your needs.

If you’re a commercial real estate investor or a business owner looking for an office in South Florida, let the experts atB Morris SoutheastB find your new business location. Browse our blog for more ideas on choosing the right building, like tips on accounting for growth when choosing an office space.


Art in the Office: Can It Really Make a Difference?

With deadlines, heavy workloads and other office pressures, the workplace can become uncomfortable and tense for employees. Artwork can not only make your office walls more attractive (for both employees and visiting clients) but can also create a relaxed and creative environment that helps employees be more productive.

The new office space is increasingly becoming more personalized with a residential feel, and many offices consider art more important to their work environment than ever before, according to studies. On top of the positive psychological effects on employees, well chosen art can also help reiterate your brand.

So as you make improvements to your office, consider using art to lift everyone’s mood and relieve the tension. Between enhancing productivity and making your office more eye-pleasing, it’s a win for everyone.

If you’re looking for commercial office space in South Florida, contact Morris Southeast Group today for more information. Keep reading our blog for more tips on finding and creating an ideal office, like how to make your workplace greener in 2013.

3 Vital Tips for Planning a Well-Designed Office Space

Searching for the perfect South Florida commercial real estate location is not an easy task. Once you find a location, how do you make sure the space works for your business? Here are three vital tips for a well-designed, enjoyable workplace.

  • Start Planning with a Floor Plan: Any reputable South FloridaB commercialB real estate broker will be able to provide you with a floor plan of your new space. Use this to block out specific work areas, including spaces that are the most important for your business. When you browse properties from Morris Southeast Group, you can find some basic floorplans, as well as square footage, listed with each property.
  • Consider Lighting and Sound: Lighting and sound are important aspects of theB ambianceB of your new office space. Having appropriate lighting can help your employees do their jobs better. Sound distribution can also be important, particularly considering background noise for customer service phone calls or client meetings.
  • Include Everyone in Decisions: Include all business partners in the decision making process. This will ensure that all partners feel true ownership in the outward representation of the business, and will eliminate the necessity to complete tasks twice.

Making the move to a new South Florida commercialB real estate location can be a stressful and exciting change. If you haven’t yet found the perfect location for your business, let Morris Southeast Group help you find a space to meet your business needs, and browse our blog for more ideas on creating a productive work environment.

Morris Southeast Group Signs Svitzer to a New Lease

Morris Southeast Group is pleased to announce that we have helped the Netherlands-based maritime services firm Svitzer Salvage Americas Inc. sign a five-year lease for a strategic operations center in Dania Beach, FL. The 22,961-square-foot storage warehouse located in the Broward International Commerce Center (BICC) will be used by the company as storage space for its salvage operations beginning in September of this year.

Commenting on the deal, our very own Ken Morris stated that,

“…the deal package provided to Svitzer was attractive enough for them choose the BICC property over 11 other locations that we evaluated nearby. In addition, the two bay units under one roof are at the corner of the building and have the type of loading docks they required. Svitzer liked the location because it hit all three of its primary objectives of port access, airport proximity and convenience for employees from the tri-county area to get to work.”

If you are interested in obtaining commercial real estate representation in the South Florida area contact Morris Southeast Group at 866-930-1426.

Is Now the Right Time for You to Buy Office Space?

You may think that now is not the right time to buy office space for your company, and are thinking of leasing instead. This could be due to lending your ears out to certain rumors you may have heard about the strict stance that bankers are taking on lending to business owners and investors, as they do not want to take unnecessary risks in the current economic environment.

While there is a chance that you may qualify it’s imperative that you speak to the experts in commercial real estate industry to help you decide if you are ready to buy office space, or if it might be better to look at leasing instead.

To avoid falling into a trap we suggest you speak to one of the professional commercial agents on our team here at Morris Southeast Group. We have over 17 years of experience South Florida commercial estate andB we know what it takes to get all the loose ends tied in order to make things easier for business owners and investors who are serious about acquiring property.

Tips on Choosing the Best Commercial Real Estate Broker

Are you looking to invest in commercial real estate? If so, did you know that 90 percent of transactions involve a broker? To find the best firm to guide you through the process of investing in commercial real estate consider these tips on choosing the best broker.

  • Make sure the brokerbs interests are aligned with yours by making your objectives clear.
  • Check to see if the firm is driven by sound experience and processes, and not solely instinct. B Ask for samples of the deliverables as well as a lease or purchase and sale negotiation checklist.
  • If the firm proposes a team structure get the details on each person’s expertise and role.
  • Ask how they measure results. What kind of indicators do they use, and what are the most wanted results andB critical success factors when working with a client?
  • Look for evidence that the brokers appreciate the details.
  • Find out their experience in negotiation, what techniques they use and an example of a victory from a challenging deal.
  • See if they truly listen to clients by checking to see if they survey them and how often.
  • Ask specific questions pertaining to their strengths and training to adequately gauge their experience.
  • Be clear on how they get compensated; is it according to commission or performance?

To discuss the ways in which Morris Southeast Group can service your commercial real estate needs contact us at 866-930-1426.

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Let Morris Southeast Group Help You Invest in CRE

Are you looking to invest in commercial real estate or are you currently looking to sell a few of your buildings? If so, let Morris Southeast Group help you with your commercial real estate investment. As a leading provider of CRE services in South Florida our team specializes in assessing real estate portfolios and creating effective strategies to help you acquire or relinquish property.

We are able to help you achieve a high return by thoroughly utilizing market analyses and research, as well as our marketing programs. No matter if you are interested in investing in South Florida commercial real estate or selling your property in another region, we are able to focus in on your needs and achieve the best possible results with the help of our partnership withB CORFAC InternationalB and by closely monitoring the market.

To further discuss investing in or selling commercial real estate contact Morris Southeast Group at 866-930-1426.


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