Outdoor Space as a Solution to Maximize Building Use During COVID

November 25, 2020

Taking advantage of available outdoor spaces can make businesses safer for customers and employees while navigating the global pandemic. We're learning more every day about the novel coronavirus that's wreaking havoc on our society, giving us additional insight on how to protect ourselves.  For example, it's now common knowledge that the virus spreads person-to-person through

COVID-19’s Impact on Businesses in Broward County

July 15, 2020

Open sign in a small business shop after Covid-19 pandemic A look at the business environment during the initial response to the pandemic When Gov. Ron DeSantis issued statewide social distancing measures on April 1, it was done to head off predictions that Florida could follow New York’s lead in hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19.

Broward County Economy Remains Perky

July 13, 2015

Broward County and its economy are enjoying good times. Development is on the rise, companies are moving here (like our recent deal with Polenghi Group) and other companies are expanding here, such as retailers Hobby Lobby, Whole Foods Market and Trader’s Joe’s. When “luxury” and non-essential retail grows in a region, it is a sure