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Balancing Home & Work

Keep Work-Life Balance Intact in Your South Florida Company

Work is obviously important and requires a lot of your attention, but so is family life. Putting too much focus on work can lead to a harmful imbalance that can end up hurting both your family life and your work life. The following are a few tips for helping your South Florida business ensure a proper balance between family and work:

  • Flexible scheduling b Traditional work schedules often conflict with the schedules of the family, making it difficult for your employees to spend time for their families. Offering flexible hours can help your employees see their families more on their off time.

  • Encourage vacation time b Everyone gets a certain amount of vacation days, but itbs often frowned upon to take too much time off from work. Try to encourage your employees to actually use their vacation days and spend more time with their family.
  • Family-friendly office activities b If you hold any type of office bonding activities outside of work, make sure to extend an invite to the families of your employees.

These are just a few ways to ensure that your employees keep their work and family lives adequately balanced. Contact us at Morris SoutheastB for more information on the right office space for your South Florida business.

Is Your Workplace Infected?

When it comes to your office, the last thing you want is to overwork your employees. In fact, if their workloads are too heavy, they may end up turning into “zombies” due to stress and lack of free time, leading to a drop off in productivity. This helpful infograph will give you some reasons and solutions to a lack of productivity.

Some employees will lie in order to cover up any mistakes or missed deadlines. To combat the issue of missed deadlines, track their projectbs status in real time and be sure to encourage them so that they wonbt feel nervous or stressed about their workload or about coming to you if they’re having difficulties.

Another huge problem is that many workers feel like the office is understaffed, which leads to them doing work after business hours. This will lead to stressed and tired employees, leading to more mistakes or poorly done work. Use resource workload reports and request intake processes to deal with this issue. Donbt forget to reward your employees and give them a break by offering things like free spa passes, but remember that these are temporary fixes. B If you’re having a consistent problem with understaffing, it’s time to examine ways to budget for more employees.

Use some of these solutions to battle a lack of productivity. For additional South Florida business advice, contact us at Morris Southeast Group today.

Why Your Employees Can't Focus

It should not surprise office managers that employee concentration in areas where there are cubicles in the office is difficult. Whether you are the owner, CEO, President, Office Manager, or Supervisor you want peak performance from your employees. But how are you going to get that from employees who have to work in a noisy, distraction filled environment with totally exposed workstations all lined up in a row?

Of course you are not and that is a growing problem in offices across the board. With downsizing and multiple regions squished into what were once vast palaces of employment, office managers and those in charge really need to start thinking outside of the box.

The trends seem to be that when the real work needs to be done, seclusion and privacy work better than an open-air setting. We’re not talking about lavish suites, mind you. But B meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, or alternative work areas can really make all the difference.

If you are struggling with these conditions, maybe you need a new partner.B Morris Southeast can help you and your team get back on track, all while minimizing downtime. Reach out and see how Morris can make your workers more productive.

Why Your Employees Shouldn't Work From Home

One trend becoming more and more prevalent in business these days is allowing employees to work from home, sometimes exclusively. B While having employees work from home offers potential advantages, including cost savings and a wider pool of potential employees, the drawbacks can outweigh the advantages.

  • In an hourly or salaried position, a lack of effective productivity assessment can result in lost productivity, quickly exceeding potential savings.
  • You miss the opportunities for innovation that present themselves through spontaneous conversations between employees, and innovation is key to helping your business thrive.
  • Though the internet and conference calls allow for easier remote communication, it is far more difficult to have discussions and creative thinking sessions when you’re not in the same room. B Employees are often more content to remain quiet over the phone, and they may use it as an opportunity to multitask so their minds are not fully engaged with the topic of the meeting.

Working from home may be considered a progressive form of business and certainly offers benefits for your employees, but that does not mean you should forgo an office space. B Consider offering one or two days for your employees to work from home when they wish, but requiring time spent in the office for socialization and in-person meetings to help promote innovative thinking.

If you are looking for commercial real estate in south Florida, contact the Morris Southeast Group at 866-930-1426. We would love to help you find an office space your employees will be happy to come to!

Luxurious Amenities to Include in Your Office

Searching for a new office space for your business is the perfect time to think about adding a few luxuries to the workplace to make it a more pleasant environment for you and your staff. If you want to increase employee productivity and happiness, consider implementing some of the following office luxuries:

  • A massage chair and therapist: As a great stress reliever, provide chair massages to your staff daily or just at special events.
  • An on-site doctor: Services such as immunizations and physical examinations can all be covered by employees’ insurance at no additional cost, and having a doctor on-site can prevent the need for employees to take leave or long lunch breaks to visit the doctor.
  • On-site childcare: Make it easy on parents and prevent late arrivals to work by having a daycare facility as a part of your office. B Parents will no longer arrive late and frazzled from trying to get their children to the day care and they won’t have to leave before the workday ends to pick them up.
  • Locally sourced, organic meals: Not only will your staff appreciate the high-quality food, you will be supporting your local organic community.
  • Healthy living installations: Choices include gyms, indoor tennis or basketball courts, ping-pong tables, or other sports equipment.
  • Laundry rooms: Keeping up with the pressures of home life can be trying when working full time. Provide your workers with a laundry room or drying cleaning service.

At Morris Southeast, we can help you to find an office with the space to include any of the above luxuries and to suit any other needs you may have.

Art in the Office: Can It Really Make a Difference?

With deadlines, heavy workloads and other office pressures, the workplace can become uncomfortable and tense for employees. Artwork can not only make your office walls more attractive (for both employees and visiting clients) but can also create a relaxed and creative environment that helps employees be more productive.

The new office space is increasingly becoming more personalized with a residential feel, and many offices consider art more important to their work environment than ever before, according to studies. On top of the positive psychological effects on employees, well chosen art can also help reiterate your brand.

So as you make improvements to your office, consider using art to lift everyone’s mood and relieve the tension. Between enhancing productivity and making your office more eye-pleasing, it’s a win for everyone.

If you’re looking for commercial office space in South Florida, contact Morris Southeast Group today for more information. Keep reading our blog for more tips on finding and creating an ideal office, like how to make your workplace greener in 2013.

3 Vital Tips for Planning a Well-Designed Office Space

Searching for the perfect South Florida commercial real estate location is not an easy task. Once you find a location, how do you make sure the space works for your business? Here are three vital tips for a well-designed, enjoyable workplace.

  • Start Planning with a Floor Plan: Any reputable South FloridaB commercialB real estate broker will be able to provide you with a floor plan of your new space. Use this to block out specific work areas, including spaces that are the most important for your business. When you browse properties from Morris Southeast Group, you can find some basic floorplans, as well as square footage, listed with each property.
  • Consider Lighting and Sound: Lighting and sound are important aspects of theB ambianceB of your new office space. Having appropriate lighting can help your employees do their jobs better. Sound distribution can also be important, particularly considering background noise for customer service phone calls or client meetings.
  • Include Everyone in Decisions: Include all business partners in the decision making process. This will ensure that all partners feel true ownership in the outward representation of the business, and will eliminate the necessity to complete tasks twice.

Making the move to a new South Florida commercialB real estate location can be a stressful and exciting change. If you haven’t yet found the perfect location for your business, let Morris Southeast Group help you find a space to meet your business needs, and browse our blog for more ideas on creating a productive work environment.

Factors that Create a Poor Work-Life Balance

Creating a poor work-life balance is easy in this age of increased responsibilities and limited hours in which to attend to them. This imbalance is fueled by our views of ourselves and others and how those opinions manifest into unrealistic expectations.

Some of us judge ourselves harshly. We believe we can do everything placed before us in an optimal time with no mistakes. This is a set-up for failure because these expectation are not always achievable, and most of us tend to overestimate how much they can actually accomplish. When we fall short, we then suffer from guilt over our inability to meet our own expectations. This can also lead to a fear of being judged by others, even when there is no judgment present.

On another level, we do judge others, sometimes unjustly. Once we decide no one else can work to our standards, we lose the ability to delegate tasks and end up taking on more work than is achievable. B The quality of both the work and your personal life degenerates as a result if you fall prey to this common problem.

In order to keep your work-life balance healthy, you need to address these problems in both your own mind and in your work space. B Design your office to handle enough employees that no one, including yourself, is forced to take on an unreasonable workload. B Include easily accessible rooms designed for training and meetings, where all of your employees can gather and no one will have trouble seeing your presentation, and make sure your employees receive the training that will give you the confidence in their abilities to handle delegated tasks. B Be sure to include break rooms where you and your employees can step away from the day’s tasks, relax, and gain some perspective.

If you or your employees are suffering from a negative work-life balance, itbs time to make positive changes.B Morris Southeast Group can help you navigate South Florida commercial real estate to find the ideal work space to promote a healthy balance in your life.

3 Signs You are Over-Worked and Why that is a Problem

Are you spending too much time at work and not enough time enjoying your home and social life? A surprising number of people might be unaware of just how out of balance their lives have gotten. It is hard to tell when you are working too hard sometimes, especially if you have a specific goal in mind and you know you have to put in the hours to reach it.

Luckily, the Mayo Clinic has provided us with symptoms that can clue us in on just how unbalanced our lives are. Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

  • Fatigue
  • Lost time with friends or loved ones
  • Too much responsibility

You might not think that this is a big deal, but this can have a significant impact on your performance at work as well. If youbre tired them your productivity and ability to think rationally decreases. If you are missing out on time with the important people in your life then that also affects your focus as well as your total quality of living. Putting in extra hours can also have the effect of having more expectations placed on you.

What are the ways that you keep your home and work life in balance? Share your tips with us in the comments section below or on our Facebook page!

Source: Work-life balance: Tips to reclaim control
Photo Credit: nazreth on stock.xchng

Gen Y Workers Push to Work From Home


If given the choice would you choose to work from home one or two days out of the week, or do you strongly value working in the office? According to a recent article from

A recent survey on the top revealed…

  • More than one-third (37%) of Gen Y workers would take a pay cut if it meant more flexibility on the job.
  • By 2025, 75 percent of the global workforce will be Gen Y.
  • Half of the members of Gen Y surveyed said they would brather have no job than a job they hate.”
  • 81% of Millennials think they should be allowed to make their own hours at work, compared to only 69% of baby boomers.

Where do you stand on the debate when it comes to working from home vs. in the office? Read the entire article over at The Miami HeraldB andB then share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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