Crowdfunding seems to be just one more reason why 2014 looks like a good year to buy South Florida commercial real estate. This new idea allows investors to pool money together, with as little as $5,000, to share the risk, and the profits of properties.

Crowdfunding is generally used to purchase commercial properties, such as industrial projects, offices, and multi-family homes. Many investors are turning to Crowdfunding instead of REITs to avoid the money and fees that go along with REITs.B Crowdfunding also allows for greater transparency and more control over the holdings of an investment. Investors can view progress reports and monitor properties online.This takes much of the due diligence out of making an investment on commercial property.

Crowdfunding, as with all investments, require some research and due diligence. If the firm behind a crowdfunding operation fails, then the investor has a mess to track and recover his/her investment. Investor places his/her trust into the vetting process and expertise of the chosen company, just as is the case with a purchase of a REIT.

If you are looking into purchasing South Florida commercial real estate, contact us to see how we can help you find the space you need.


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