Wal-Mart has received a lot of bad press as far as humanitarian efforts go. In fact, most people would consider it a company that lacks a heart and at one point they may not have been entirely wrong. Lately, Wal-Mart under CEO Lee Scott has started to re-envision what they want their brand to stand for and it isnbt just a matter of the company realizing that there is more to think of than the bottom line. Thatbs because, these days, it pays to be conscientious.

In order to attract the attention of the next generation and in order to cut overhead costs on things like packaging, travelling expenses, and waste disposal, Wal-Mart has been putting a lot of time and attention into going green.

We discussed another green organization and the tips that you could take from them in order to make your company a little more eco-friendly. Wal-Mart is an excellent example of what a company whose concern is first and foremost profit can still accomplish when they add turning green into their business model. Does this make you want to investigate more into green business practices? Go onto our Facebook page let us know what you think. Is sustainability the next must-do for modern day businesses?

Source: Can Going Green Make Wal-Mart Cool?
Photo Credit: Walmart on flickr.com


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