Are you currently looking for commercial real estate property in South Florida? If so did you know that you can browse the property listings we have available? We suggest you visit our website morrissegroup.comB where you can look through all the properties we have for sale and lease.

Depending on your preferences you can look at an abbreviated list of all our properties at once or perform a more specific search detailing the market, submarket, city, zipcode and etc. And once you settle on a property that you would like more information on you can simply click on its address and you can find its description as well as exterior and interior pictures. The description of the building will also provide you with details on the units available in the building, including the area of space, occupancy, lease length, use, and rent by square foot.

If you find yourself with questions about any of our properties after searching through the listings please give us a call at 866-930-1426; we look forward to assisting you with our services!


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