When most of us think of commercial office space we think of rows of cubicles and big offices with picture windows for management. However, when you move into new offices, you have the chance to think out of the box and create a space thatbs more interesting for your employees. Studies show that a more stimulating office space can increase productivity, so why not get creative? Try these ideas below to break the corporate mold with your new office space.

Open Space

Many offices are enclosed, full of small rooms or areas for employees. People used to think this was productive b now we know itbs stifling. Look for office space with an open floor plan and high ceilings. Employees will be more comfortable and more productive.

Consider Outdoor Space

Building a small outdoor area for your employees can actually increase productivity and allow workers to feel rejuvenated and ready to work after a short break. Sunlight stimulates everybody, so it really makes sense for employees to take a break outside. An outdoor cafC) or place for employees to eat and work is ideal.

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