Everyone from architects to team managers and human resource professionals has an interest in office design. The office design is an integral part of office culture. Though many praise the trendy open offices as a solution to common work problems, in actuality, the open office trend is plagued with problems.

Open office plans became popular under the assumption that placing people in close proximity without doors and walls in between them would lead to collaboration. This is not always the case.B Unfortunately, open office space does not recognize multiple work styles and situations, a time to collaborate, and a time when one must focus and work alone. Successful office spaces have solutions for various work situations.

Another problem is that an open floor plan enhances noise as acoustic levels are magnified throughout the room. You should focus on developing spaces for individuals who need to collaborate and others for those who prefer to work alone. If someone has to go to another floor or across the building to find privacy, it’s likely they won’t and the productivity and work qualityB may suffer.

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