When any type of new technology hits the scene for personal use, it’s only a matter of time before it crosses over into the business world. Just as smartphones made their way into the everyday lives of companies as a quick and easy way to communicate and handle business on the go, so are tablets. And although they seem to be replacing laptops are tablets right for your business?

When deciding if you should issue tablets to your company consider:

  • Function: Think about the main tasks that the tablet will be used for. Will it be mainly be used for presentations or when your employees are out in the field?B our briefcase or purse.
  • Size: The whole point tablets are their portability. Do want it to slide into jacket pockets or be fit for a briefcase or purse?
  • Accessories: Just as with any other portable technology you will need the right accessories to ensure that it works efficiently for your company.
  • Internal management: Will you be able to use your internal applications with it and will it be easy for your IT department to manage?

Are you considering buying tablets for your business or do you already use them? If so share your thoughts with us.


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