Having a plan and hiring the right contractor and architect make all the difference in avoiding delays to your project

If you’re getting ready to embark on a construction project, you’ve likely heard the horror stories of delays that stretch projects well past their planned completion date. One of the most common delays stems from obtaining permits. Is there a way to avoid a pause in your project? Here are some tips to help you traverse the complicated building and permitting process.

Hire a reputable general contractor and architect who both know the South Florida market

Building codes differ significantly between residential and commercial construction projects, and also from one county to another. If you’re building in Miami, for example, make sure the contractor and architect you choose are well-versed in the local and national building codes to avoid problems during the process.

And don’t simply take a general contractor’s word for it that he or she has extensive experience in the local market. Ask for references and follow up to ensure that they are not inflating their resume. Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation offers a free tool that allows you to search for a contractor to ensure they’re properly licensed in their field.

Have a plan and stick to it

A complete ‘permit’ set of working drawings go hand in hand with having a reputable general contractor to complete and oversee the construction work. An experienced contractor will insist that you have one prior to applying for permits – in fact, you won’t have a firm price for the project until you have one completed. It will need to be submitted to the city and needs to be specific enough to outline all the work that will be completed during the project.

What some property owners tend to do is submit plans and then drastically change their minds about how certain aspects of the project should be completed – it’s one of the most common delays to a construction project. Any major revisions must be resubmitted to the building department, which then must reissue an updated permit. If you can stick to a detailed set of permit drawings prior to breaking ground, you’ll probably be much happier with the finished product, and you’ll be more likely to finish on time and within budget. Any deviation from the original design can cause a significant cost increase and push back the completion date.

Be forthcoming with the city about the renovations that you’re planning to make

Another common mistake is not fully disclosing to the city what they’re planning to do in terms of renovations. If officials suspect that you’re performing aspects of construction without a valid permit, they have the authority to put a hold on the project, and potentially fine you for not complying with local building codes. Avoid these common delays by working with a licensed and insured contractor who will pull all necessary permits to ensure your project is completed up to code.

Most experienced contractors can anticipate issues before they become a problem

Significant construction delays should be minimal with the right general contractor. Experienced builders will look at the scope of a project, anticipate delays, and ensure that any potential issues are handled quickly before they completely derail your project timeline and budget.

At Morris Southeast Group, we’ve been a fixture in the commercial real estate community in South Florida for decades. We’ve worked with a number of experienced contractors who know the area and are experts at efficiently navigating the permitting process. If you’d like recommendations, feel free to reach out to our team today at 954.474.4776, reach Ken Morris on his cell at 954.240.4400, or email kenmorris@morrissegroup.com.


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