When designing your office in South Florida, youbll want to include features that can help increase productivity around the office. An easy way to do this is by adding brainstorming white boards that encourage both creativity and productivity. The following are a few tips for addingB white boards to your office in an affordable manner:

Gigantic white boards for the office can be a huge strain on your budget, which is why you should consider hardboard panel boards instead. These boards are made out of MDF, but boast an acrylic coating and white finish that makes them work just like traditional white boards. Not only are these alternatives much more affordable, they can easily be found at typical hardware stores.

You can build a frame for your hardboard panel board, or just affix it onto a wall using double-sided tape since the board is fairly lightweight. Try to avoid cleaning the board with any standard household cleaners, but another great advantage of using hardboard panel board is that if you accidentally use permanent marker, you can easily replace it at little cost!

Save money and use hardboard panel boards as brainstorming white boards for your office in South Florida. Contact us at Morris SoutheastB for advice on finding new office space for your business.


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