When you are looking into buying commercial property, you probably already have a list of things you want. You likely already know whether or not your business will thrive in an area like South Florida and you know what competition will be out there. Youbve probably also been daydreaming about all the things youbll do to set your offices apart from the rest.

There are a few more things to add to your question for what can function as the ideal location:

  • When it comes time to expand your business, does this location give you room to do so?
  • What are the zoning limitations?
  • Is the area going through an economic boom? Will there an increase in people moving into the area?
  • Is the location youbve chosen highly trafficked?
  • Will you have a problem with deferred maintenance?

It is just as important to know which questions you should be asking as it is to make sure you know what needs your business is going to have that is specific to you. Once you find the location that answers most of your questions satisfactorily, you should be in a good place to put in an offer.

Source: Should You Rent or Buy Commercial Property for Your Business?
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