If youbre looking for ways to improve the productivity of your South Florida business, then begin by improving your office. Youbll be surprised how your office can actually affect productivity among your employees. The following are 3 small changes that we recommend you make to improve your office:

  1. Upgrade the desk b A poor quality desk is going to result in poor quality work. The desk needs to be comfortable to sit at and have plenty of space to keep things organized. A desk that is too small may get cluttered quickly and can cause the worker to feel cramped b leading to stress and low productivity. Consider adding outlets to the desk as well to help keep cables organized.

  2. Add a whiteboard b A whiteboard is a great way for workers to jot down important notes on the fly without having to waste paper. It can be difficult to keep track of all those post it notes floating around.
  3. Add extra storage b The more storage space there is, the less disorganized the office will be.

Use these tips to improve the office and contact us at Morris Southeast for all your office needs.


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