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The pulse of commercial real estate in South Florida

Where do you go when you want in-depth information on commercial real estate? Right here to the Morris SE blog, of course. 2019 was an interesting year for CRE, from advances in Proptech and smart retrofitting and future-proofing trends to new uses for retail properties and emerging market opportunities.

 Take a look at the topics Morris SE covered last year:

Going Green

Going Green on Top: Heat-Mitigation Design is an Emerging Climate Solution

Greener CRE Is Good for Business


Is Co-Living the Next Big Thing in South Florida Multi-Family Real Estate?

Condo Sales Slump, Multifamily Rentals Soar in South Florida

Is the Condo-Hotel a Winning Combination?


The Latest CRE Gadgets & Gizmos in One Word: Proptech

Can Your Old Building Become Smart with a Retrofit?

Dockless Transportation Might Be Your CRE Property’s Next Great Thing

4 Reasons to Future-Proof Your Property

Who’s Bagging Your Groceries? Robots!

Tech-Cities 2.0: South Florida a Rising Tech Star

Looking for a Building? Print It!

Tips and Tactics

CRE Insurance for Owners and Tenants in South Florida

Leasehold, Tenant, and Build-Out Improvements in CRE

The War of the Tenants: How Landlords can Broker Peace

The Importance of Due Diligence in CRE

Preparing for a Gas Leak on Your Commercial Real Estate Property

Filling the Neighborhood Strip Mall Calls for the Proper Mix of Tenants

The Power of Infrastructure to Transform CRE

Ling-Term vs. Short-Term Leases in a CRE Property

What do Office Tenants Want?

Leasing Billboard Space on Your Commercial Property

Is Your Commercial Property Physically Fit?

Opportunity Zones & Commercial Real Estate in Florida: The Potential & Pitfalls

Start Now: Prepare Your CRE Property for Hurricane Season

Using Light to Attract CRE Tenants

Embrace Your Opponents: A Modern Approach to Nimby

5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Commercial Property in 2019

Alternative Property Investment Opportunities: What Are Some Options?

5 Risks that Keep CRE Investors up at Night

Using Concessions to Lure Tenants to Your CRE Investment

Invest in Your Community, Not Just Your Property

A Property Management Firm Eases South Florida Landlord Headaches

Making First-Rate Investments in Secondary Markets


Can CRE Developers Solve Miami’s Affordable Housing Crisis

E-Scooters: Boon or Burden to Cities and Commercial Real Estate?

Parking in a Changing CRE Marketplace: Adapting & Futureproofing

Unused Golf Courses Are a South Florida CRE Opportunity

Are Multistory Warehouses on South Florida’s Horizon?

Hipsturbia: CRE’s Vibrant New Home?

Motels are so Cool, They’re Hot

Pedaling vs. Parking: The Impact of Bicycling on CRE

The Power of Pop-Ups on CRE in South Florida

Dementia Care May Be as Close as an Empty Box Store

What the National Climate Assessment Means for South Florida CRE

Is Your new CRE Opportunity in a Shipping Container?

Want a Killer Real Estate Investment? Follow the Art.

Can Tiny CRE be Big in SoFlo?


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