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Is There Room For Self-Storage Investment In SoFlo?

Is There Room For Self-Storage Investment In SoFlo? on morrissegroup.com

It’s the stuff of CRE opportunities

Any talk of commercial real estate investments is usually about retail and office spaces, industrial facilities, and multi-unit residential properties. There is, though, another niche CRE market that’s figuratively and literally full of possibilities: self-storage.

A recent list of the top 10 self-storage markets to watch has South Florida at number 8, and for some very good reasons: properties that are currently available, population, new growth centers, and, of course, the human need to hold onto stuff.

Why SoFlo is especially attractive for self-storage

In a sense, the demand for self-storage in South Florida is a bit like the perfect storm. For starters, a large proportion of the population lives in residences that provide very little in-house storage. These properties run the gamut – from rental properties or condos to old-Florida homes or luxury hi-rise units.

There’s also the matter of demographics. At the top of the list are aging Baby Boomers, many of whom retire and head south to start a new life chapter in Florida. What many discover, though, is that despite their downsizing from their previous residence, they still have lots of stuff – collections and sentimental possessions – that won’t fit into their new location.

Similarly, Millennials and younger individuals tend to rent in bustling downtown hubs, where units are small with very little storage. As they acquire things and move to different-sized units, some items need to be stowed away for another day.

Why self-storage is especially attractive for investors

For the investor, self-storage can potentially lead to a steady income stream. Very often, self-storage facilities do not require the same amount of maintenance as a more traditional CRE space.

Additionally, the average stay in a self-storage unit is one to three years. With proper management and knowing the market, it’s possible to maintain a stable occupancy which can lead to a steady 8% to 10% return.

Challenges to self-storage investment

Despite the South Florida region sitting at #8 on a self-storage markets-to-watch list, there are still some things to consider. Some investors believe the time to have entered the market was immediately after the Great Recession when many homeowners lost their homes and a lack of storage space created a definite need.

At the same time, experts estimate that developers will complete approximately three million square feet of self-storage in South Florida in 2018. The increase in development means that there are higher vacancies, which in turn leads to lower rents.

Meeting those self-storage challenges

As with any CRE investment, it’s imperative to know the market. Despite the challenges above, some developers are giving self-storage a whole new look in order to meet the changing demand. The market, it seems, has niches within its niche.

Self-storage occupants tend to live within a 1 to 5-mile radius of their storage unit. As more people opt to live in storage-limited residences in downtown areas, some developers are transforming storage facilities from rows of garages to something that looks more like a stylish office building and locating them within the community rather than on the fringes. It’s becoming more common to see multi-use building plans also include a portion of the construction dedicated to self-storage.

New projects are also racing to offer clients new perks, such as larger spaces for maneuvering bulky furniture, environmentally conscious climate controls, music, and brighter lighting. Perhaps the most niche-specific self-storage unit in the area is The Collection Suites in Doral, a facility for car-enthusiast residents of luxury condos in Miami who are in need of additional parking spaces.

Knowing the SoFlo market

Founded in 1976, Morris Southeast Group knows South Florida, its neighborhoods, its needs, and its CRE trends. For a free consultation or to learn more about our property investment opportunities and/or other services, call us at 954.474.1776. You can also reach Ken Morris directly at 954.240.4400 or via email at kenmorris@morrissegroup.com.

Why Working With an SIOR Agent Matters

Why Working With an SIOR Agent Matters on morrissegroup.com

Investor confidence is just one of the rewards

The commercial real estate (CRE) marketplace can, for some investors, seem like a very intimidating world. Properties, regulations, and legal intricacies are plentiful – and so an individual will most likely want to develop a relationship of trust with a CRE agent.

Unfortunately, selecting the right agent can be just as intimidating. Unlike doctors and lawyers, there is no highly-specific, legally-mandated designation for an individual to practice commercial real estate – and that’s why professional organizations are key to establishing a standard of practice and designating a professional’s success in meeting those standards.

SIOR leads the way for CRE professionals

The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors, or SIOR, is one such professional organization. As an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), SIOR has committed itself to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards in the CRE industry. At present, the organization has more than 3,200 members around the globe.

As part of its mission to uphold these standards, the organization established a designation as a means of not only rewarding those professionals who have worked rigorously to meet SIOR’s rigorous requirements for entry, but to also serve as an indicator to clients that an agent has gone far beyond others in that field.

Achieving SIOR membership

Not every CRE agent is a member of SIOR. That honor belongs to a select class of professionals who have made a commitment to better themselves and the industry. To considered for entry, eligible candidates must have a minimum of five years experience in the field, with a proven significant level of deal volume.

After applying, the real estate professional then embarks on a series of SIOR-established goals, including classes on finance and a heavy emphasis on ethics – obtaining endorsements from other SIOR designees is necessary to complete the process.

SIOR designation and the investor

In addition to recognizing real estate professionals for their commitment to achieving and maintaining SIOR’s standards, the designation is also a way to communicate to clients that they can have confidence in the ethical and professional practices of SIOR brokers. When those four letters follow an agent’s name, it says a lot:

  • The agent is a member of an elite class of CRE professionals, one who is the most knowledgeable, experienced, ethical, productive, and successful in the field;
  • The agent has gained the confidence of others in the profession, from corporate executives and other brokers and agents to lenders;
  • The agent is committed to maintaining those standards and SIOR designation through ongoing education, professionalism, and ethical behavior;
  • The agent is able to connect investors to a global network of other SIOR designees;
  • The agent has a proven reputation as a deal closer.

SIOR in South Florida

Ken Morris, the President of Morris Southeast Group, is proud to be among the two percent of real estate professionals who have achieved and received the SIOR designation. His commitment to industry professional and ethical standards has elevated his team to reach for those same goals. The result is seen each day in the relationships with long-term and new clients.

For a free consultation or to learn more about our property investment opportunities and/or other services, call Morris Southeast Group at 954.474.1776. You can also reach Ken Morris directly at 954.240.4400 or via email at kenmorris@morrissegroup.com.


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