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Affordable Ways to Add Brainstorming White Boards to Your Office

When designing your office in South Florida, youbll want to include features that can help increase productivity around the office. An easy way to do this is by adding brainstorming white boards that encourage both creativity and productivity. The following are a few tips for addingB white boards to your office in an affordable manner:

Gigantic white boards for the office can be a huge strain on your budget, which is why you should consider hardboard panel boards instead. These boards are made out of MDF, but boast an acrylic coating and white finish that makes them work just like traditional white boards. Not only are these alternatives much more affordable, they can easily be found at typical hardware stores.

You can build a frame for your hardboard panel board, or just affix it onto a wall using double-sided tape since the board is fairly lightweight. Try to avoid cleaning the board with any standard household cleaners, but another great advantage of using hardboard panel board is that if you accidentally use permanent marker, you can easily replace it at little cost!

Save money and use hardboard panel boards as brainstorming white boards for your office in South Florida. Contact us at Morris SoutheastB for advice on finding new office space for your business.

Make Your Office as Stress Free as Possible

Making sure that the employees of your South Florida business are as productive as possible is an important part of your companybs success. One of the biggest things that can deter productivity is stress. Stress causes dips in productivity and can even lead to sickness, which translates to more sick days. The following are ways you can prevent stress:

  • Donbt overwork your employees b If you notice that their workload is causing them to work extra hours, then maybe you need to dial it back a little. The more they work, the more stressed they will become.

  • Communicate b Encourage open lines of communication with your employees. Keep track of their deadlines and provide assistance when they need it. Having a good relationship with your employees goes a long way in reducing stress.
  • Office setup b Make sure the office contributes to a stress-free environment by having a relaxing common area, making sure therebs plenty of natural light, placing plants throughout the office, and more.

Use these tips to help reduce the stress on your employees and improve productivity. If your South Florida business is in need of a new, stress-free office space, then contact us at Morris Southeast today.

Eliminate Unproductive Meetings From Your Business

Nothing wastes more time than holding unproductive meetingsB atB your South Florida business. Not only have you failed to accomplish whatever it was you wanted to accomplish, but youbve wasted valuable work time for everyone in attendance. The following are a few tips to make sure your next meeting is a productive one:

  • Keep your meetings short. The shorter they are – maybe 30 minutes at the most – the less work time you lose. Not to mention, you will be forced to focus the meeting in order to finish on time.

  • Send out any materials you want to go over prior to the meeting. This way you can spend the meeting actually discussing the materials instead of explaining them.
  • Donbt fall into a monologue. Meetings should be about engaging everyone in attendance, not about listening to yourself talk.
  • Avoid tangents and stay on topic. If other topics come up, leave them on the table for another time, or discuss them later via email or social media.

Use these tips to make your meetings more productive. If youbre in need of office space, contact us at Morris Southeast today.

4 Ways to Help Your South Florida Business Grow

If you run a business in South Florida, then one of your main goals should be to expand. However, thatbs easier said than done. The following are four tips to help your business grow:

  1. Develop relationships b Make sure that you develop personal relationships with your colleagues, from going out with them for a drink to inviting them over for dinner. Professional relationships can be instrumental to helping you survive during downtimes and can provide you with more opportunities.

  2. Invest in marketing b Marketing your business is the best way to increase awareness and loyalty, thereby helping your company to grow. Donbt cut corners when it comes to your marketing budget.
  3. Market yourself b Donbt forget about grassroots marketing. By speaking and communicating directly to your consumers, youbll provide them with a more relatable figure for your brand instead of just the name of a company.
  4. Donbt give up b Everyone fails eventually, itbs the ones that donbt give up that end up succeeding. Failure is a part of success, remember that.

Use these tips to help your business grow and succeed. Once you expand and need more offices, explore South Florida commercial real estate for your business and contact us at Morris Southeast Group today.

Tips for Keeping Your New Office Space Productive

The success of your company depends a whole lot on your employees. This means that keeping them productive is one of your most important tasks as a company owner or manager. The following are a few tips to help encourage productivity around the office:

  • Communicate b Keep lines of communication with your employees open. Encourage them to ask questions and to come to you if anything is on their mind. If someone becomes stressed, it can result in a drop of productivity.

  • Software issues b Many employees complain that their productivity is hurt by problems with their software. Solve this by making sure that the software you use is suitable for your employees and that they are properly trained to use it.
  • Cut down on meetings b Many employees feel that many of the meetings they are required to attend arenbt productive. Cut down on meetings or hold quick meetings closer to lunch to prevent them from running over time.
  • Lack of scheduling b Employees often neglect to use scheduling tools. Be sure to provide them with these tools when relevant and give them access to productivity training.

Use these tips to increase productivity. If you are looking to move into new offices, be sure to contact us at Morris Southeast Group today.

Is Your Workplace Infected?

When it comes to your office, the last thing you want is to overwork your employees. In fact, if their workloads are too heavy, they may end up turning into “zombies” due to stress and lack of free time, leading to a drop off in productivity. This helpful infograph will give you some reasons and solutions to a lack of productivity.

Some employees will lie in order to cover up any mistakes or missed deadlines. To combat the issue of missed deadlines, track their projectbs status in real time and be sure to encourage them so that they wonbt feel nervous or stressed about their workload or about coming to you if they’re having difficulties.

Another huge problem is that many workers feel like the office is understaffed, which leads to them doing work after business hours. This will lead to stressed and tired employees, leading to more mistakes or poorly done work. Use resource workload reports and request intake processes to deal with this issue. Donbt forget to reward your employees and give them a break by offering things like free spa passes, but remember that these are temporary fixes. B If you’re having a consistent problem with understaffing, it’s time to examine ways to budget for more employees.

Use some of these solutions to battle a lack of productivity. For additional South Florida business advice, contact us at Morris Southeast Group today.


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