The space you work in plays a major role in your business and how your employees function. Thatbs why itbs important to take time to evaluate the office space your South Florida business uses. If itbs not right, invest in making it an ideal space for your company to grow and thrive.

Use these simple tips:

  • Making your office space one that people enjoy can help reduce sick days. Employees that dread coming into work might make more use of their sick days, even when not fully under the weather. A brilliant work environment can help keep employees motivated.
  • An ideal office space reinforces what employees are working for b building a company that really matters. It also helps reinforce your company culture.
  • Your employees will be happier at work. Having happy employees in your office means more productive employees. In the end, that means more money for you, and a better overall workday for everybody involved in your business.

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Hiring valuable employees and keeping them motivated is a huge part of running a successful South Florida business. However, you may not be getting the best from your employees if you donbt understand how they work and how they can best help you. When it comes to understanding personality type, the Myers-Briggs Indicator (MBTI) can be a huge help in finding the best responsibilities for your employees, helping them and the company thrive.

  • Consider making the MBTI optional for employees to take in your office. Itbs a tool that can help them be more productive in their work and more fulfilled in their job as well. It really can benefit you and them.
  • Encourage open conversation about personality type in your office, especially during the hiring process. Youbll have much more valuable employees if you truly understand their strengths and perceived strengths and work to employ them.
  • Think about adding new tasks to some employeesb responsibilities based on personality type. You may find that some employees have special skills you havenbt been utilizing.

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The lighting in your office is likely mostly taken care of by overhead fixtures and panels. However, the lighting that is standard to most office buildings may not be the best and it could be holding your employees back without you even knowing it. Insufficient lighting can lead to sleepiness and a lack of productivity, so use these tips to make sure your buildingbs lighting is up to date.

  • Use lights that can be moved or rotated when installing new ones. That way employees can use the lighting appropriately at their workstation.
  • Consider how much glare a light creates on a computer screen in your office environment. Glare greatly increases fatigue and can make it hard for employees to focus and concentrate. Movable task lighting can help to reduce glare at each work station.
  • Make sure overhead indirect lighting is very bright. On the lux brightness scale, you should be somewhere between 500 and 1,000, especially when computers and other devices are being used in the room like in most offices.

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Florida commercial real estate investment has a number of benefits for buyers. One benefit that many people simply looking for an investment donbt realize is that buying commercial real estate may allow for more flexible financing terms, making it a more profitable and easier investment in the short term.

  • You may be able to buy commercial real estate with little or no money down by using private money partners. This payment option is ideal for avoiding interest and maximizing profits, especially on larger investments.

  • Itbs easier to obtain multiple mortgages. For example, you may be able to get a partial loan from the bank and take out a second mortgage in your own name, allowing you to pay for a more expensive commercial property. Partners also make this type of payment plan easier.
  • You may be able to even earn cash up-front by obtaining a mortgage and leasing space back to the seller. This is more common than you think, especially in large units where the seller wants to do business.

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Investing in commercial real estate can be a lucrative way to make money. Whether you have enough capital to do it on your own or invest with a partner or group, you still need to choose the right property before investing. Use these tips to help you identify the right properties in which to invest.

  • Make sure the property isnbt too far away from your home if youbre a new investor. Youbll need to be able to manage the property yourself since hiring a management company may not be profitable right away.

  • Consider the property taxes in the area. Property taxes arenbt the same everywhere b they can change in just a few miles. Make sure you find out how they will change your profit margin before you make a big investment.
  • Think about job growth in the area. If businesses are on the decline in the area you may have a long wait before your commercial property can turn a profit. You can make money that way, but youbll need to hang on for a long time.

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If youbre not familiar with the term capitalization rate youbre not alone. However, if youbre thinking about investing in commercial real estate b even as a partner in a group b itbs a term you need to become familiar with. Youbll also need to understand how to estimate potential capitalization rate if youbre going to make a worthwhile profit on your Florida commercial real estate investment.

  • Capitalization rate is the expected rate of return on a property based on the expected income the property will generate.

  • There is a basic formula for calculating capitalization rate. To determine capitalization rate, divide the income the property will generate, after repairs and variable costs, by the value of the entire real estate property if it were put up for sale today.
  • Figuring out the capitalization rate of a property will give you a figure that can be used to make part of your decision on whether the property will provide the return that you need. However, it shouldnbt be your only tool when evaluating a commercial real estate investment property.

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