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2014 Is Predicted to be a Good Year for Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is something many people are afraid to do. After all, the real estate market can be volatile and with the economy still in flux, even if it is recovering, it still makes many people uneasy to think about. However, 2014 is going to be a good year for real estate investment and there are several key factors that make this a good time to invest in commercial real estate in the south Florida area.

  • In 2013, US commercial property values rose 8% over the course of the year. That trend is expected to continue as the nation recovers from the lowest prices in recent memory circa 2009.
  • Home prices are up 20% percent since 2012. Thatbs a big sign that the economy is doing better, and that more people are working as business are investing in personnel and expanding within the US.
  • According to the S&P Index, many people with wealth over one-million dollars are moving money out of traditional investments and putting it into real estate. Thatbs a good sign of a rising trend in the real estate sector.

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Speculative Versus Safe Investments

Investing in commercial real estate can be a great way to have a nest-egg for retirement or just generate some income outside of work. For some, it can even become a lucrative business all on its own. However, before you jump into real estate investment there at least two main types of investments you really need to understand b speculative investments versus those that are safe.

What is Speculative Investment?

Speculative investment is a type of investment that some make based on predicted trends in the future. For example, you might believe that an area will be on the upswing within 10 years and trends might even show that. Buying a property in that area and holding onto it until the price goes up is speculation. The problem is that trends donbt always hold true, and you could end up losing a lot of money.

Safe Investing

Safe investing is very simple. Acquire a property that you can make a percentage of profit on without a lot of risk. The area is stable b the building is in good shape. This likely yields returns, but not as high.

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Some Tips to Make a Smart Investment in South Florida Commercial Real Estate

Making money investing in commercial real estate is a very real possibility for many. You donbt have to be a business owner or a wealthy entrepreneur, either. However, making a smart investment is obviously essential if you want to earn money instead of losing your hard earned cash. Use these tips from Morris Southeast to help you make a wise decision when investing in south Florida commercial real estate.

  • Invest in areas youbre familiar with. This is especially important if itbs your first commercial real estate investment. For most, that means investing no more than 50 miles from home at first.

  • Focus on real estate that is undervalued instead of looking for property could go up. Buying something under market value almost guarantees a profit b an even bigger one of the market takes off in that area. Take your time when searching.
  • Consider taking on a partner if youbre not familiar with the area or business. A partnership can also help you finance an investment when you first start out that you couldnbt afford on your own. Youbll also split the work.

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Miami is Leading the Southeast's Economy

Miami is perhaps the most well-known city in the state of Florida b one that has long attracted tourists from around the world and all over the United States. While many different areas in the United States are recovering for a sluggish economy, Miamibs is ahead of the curve for a variety of reasons. That means it could be a good opportunity for business owners and private investors looking into South Florida real estate for commercial gains.

  • Foreign investors are spending more money on commercial real estate in Miami. When new money comes into an area youbll see expansion and growth in the business and private sector.

  • Unemployment numbers are down in the South Florida area. The national average as of April 2, 2014 was 6.7% — that number is lower at only 6.2% in the Miami area. That means more businesses are expanding and hiring.
  • More growth is expected in Miami toward the tail end of 2014 with businesses expected to open and commercial developments expected to begin. Itbs an ideal time for investors and business owners to get in on the ground floor.

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Little Office Upgrades With Big Impact

In addition to the challenges of successfully operating a business, employers have to consider whether their employees’ environment is conductive to productivity. Even a few little changes around the office can increase employee productivity and make the workplace a better environment for everybody, including your visiting clients. Use these tips from Morris Southeast.

  • Find ways to add natural light to your office. You may not be able to add windows to your space, but allowing natural light to stream in through the windows can create an uplifting feeling in the office.

  • Pick a bright paint color for the walls. Youbll need to ask the landlord about painting, but if youbre renting office space, a single coat of a soft bright color likely wonbt be a problem.
  • Upgrade the chairs in the office. Having high-quality chairs is something every business should do, especially since chairs get old and worn over time. Upgrade now and your team will be more productive.

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How to Design a Workplace for Employee Health

Your office is supposed to a place that allows employees to work efficiently. However, efficient and happy donbt have to be separate things. If you follow this advice from Morris Southeast, you can design a workplace that keeps your employees happy, healthy and productive all at the same time. Your customers and your employers will thank you!

  • Incorporate elements of nature into your space. Open up the windows and curtains when possible and add things like potted plants and flowers to your workspace. Employees will have more energy along and feel more comfortable in their space.

  • Use calming colors in your workplace instead of bland or highly saturated hues. Cool colors like lavender or aqua are perfect for a workplace because theybre calming without making employees sleepy. These colors also donbt absorb light.
  • Think about providing healthy snacks for employees. Snacks donbt cost much money, and buying things like fresh fruit for employees wonbt break your bottom line. At least make them available for employees to purchase to stay healthy.

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