Whether youbre starting a new business or just considering investing in commercial real estate, knowing which areas are growing is important if you want to earn on your investment. South Florida is going to be booming throughout 2014. In fact, four cities in the South Florida area are going to be key areas of growth this year.

  • Miami: Ranked number 57 on WalletHubbs top places to start a business, Miami is a hotspot that is going to continue growing, especially when it comes to commercial property.

  • Pembroke Pines: It might not have the name Miami does, but itbs ranked number 63 on that list of 150, and for many business owners a more affordable commercial real estate makes a lot of sense.
  • Fort Lauderdale: Coming in at number 83, Fort Lauderdale is a fairly large city with a small area vibe. Thatbs why many companies will be starting business in the area this year.
  • Hialeah: Another smaller area, Hialeah ranked number 108 in the US and will continue its trend of upward growth in 2014.

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The South Florida area is one many businesses are already involved in. However, in recent years the area has been expanding and growing, though it still needs a bit of work to really become an area thatbs attractive to the average consumer. As a business owner or somebody interested in commercial real estate investing, South Floridabs expected continued growth could be good news for you, especially if youbre looking to get in on the ground floor before the real boom happens.

  • Overall economic growth is helping areas like South Florida that may have otherwise struggled in a down economy. However, many believe we are still below our economic potential in many areas.

  • According to a March 2014 article in the South Florida business journal, 72 percent of CEOs expect sales to go up over the next six months.
  • CEOs are expecting to increase the workforce in the United States while increasing capital spending. Those are both positive signs of real growth and could mean new business opportunities for you in the South Florida area.

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Commercial investing in the United States has always been popular for individuals and companies with considerable amounts of capital from other countries. However, with some countries growing at a fast rate, B business has picked up even more. The commercial real estate in the South Florida area in particular has become popular with foreign investors for a variety of reasons b not just the sunny weather.

  • Investments in the United States are stable for investors from places where economic or political turmoil is a current way of life. Thatbs why investors from places like Venezuela look for property in stable areas like South Florida.

  • The United States has a history of growth or at least sustaining wealth. Even when the economy is down the quality of life in the United States is much higher than it is in many parts of the world. This is attractive for foreign investors.
  • EB-5 programs sponsored by the government allow foreign investors to invest a minimum of $1-million in the US with incentives to the business or property owner being significant enough that more people are taking the plunge.

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If you are thinking about ways to diversify your portfolio, then consider commercial real estate. Commercial real estate in the South Florida area is actually quite beneficial. Use these tips to help you find commercial properties that could be beneficial for your portfolio.

  • Think about direct investment. Direct investment basically means buying a property outright either with cash or a commercial mortgage. This allows the greatest control, but it also requires considerable cash on hand or wealth and credit.

  • Consider real estate investment trusts. A real estate investment trust is basically stocks or shares in companies that make purchase sin commercial real estate. They have the knowledge of where to buy and this can be a beneficial way to own a percentage of a commercial property to make money. However, you may have to hold the stock for a while to make any real money.
  • Add real estate mutual fund to your portfolio. With a mutual fund you can invest with little and sell easily for a small gain.

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Most people think that putting up a few plants around the office is just a way to make the space look nicer. While plants do help improve the interior design of any space, therebs much more to using plants in the office than just as dC)cor. Plants can actually help improve the health of your employees as well as increase their productivity.

Toxin Removal

First of all, plants help to make the office much healthier. Plants remove around 87 percent of the toxins in the air within 24 hours.

Humidity Stabilization

They also help to establish a humidity level that matches the human comfort range of 30 to 60 percent. This affects your employees in a number of ways. First of all, a healthier environment means fewer sick workers. Studies show that absenteeism is reduced form 15 percent to 5 percent.

Productivity Increases

Secondly, a number of studies have shown that productivity improves as well. For example, 15 percent more ideas are generated by individuals working in an office that has plants.

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Odds are a lot of paperwork gets handled at the offices of your South Florida business. Keeping all of those papers organized and accessible is important b lost paperwork can result in lost business. The following are a few tips that will help you to handle the paper overflow in your office:

  • Filing cabinet b Putting your papers away in a filing cabinet is an easy way to keep them from cluttering up your desk. It also helps to keep things organized and easily accessible as long as everything is labeled.

  • In and out b An easy and somewhat traditional way to keep track of your papers is to have separate in and out trays. Youbll want to keep an eye out on them to make sure the out tray gets sent out when its necessary and that the in tray doesnbt overflow.
  • Wall files b Use hanging magazine holders to organize your documents quickly and efficiently. These help keep your desk free of clutter but also keeps papers in sight so that you donbt forget about them.

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