If youbre looking for ways to improve the productivity of your South Florida business, then begin by improving your office. Youbll be surprised how your office can actually affect productivity among your employees. The following are 3 small changes that we recommend you make to improve your office:

  1. Upgrade the desk b A poor quality desk is going to result in poor quality work. The desk needs to be comfortable to sit at and have plenty of space to keep things organized. A desk that is too small may get cluttered quickly and can cause the worker to feel cramped b leading to stress and low productivity. Consider adding outlets to the desk as well to help keep cables organized.

  2. Add a whiteboard b A whiteboard is a great way for workers to jot down important notes on the fly without having to waste paper. It can be difficult to keep track of all those post it notes floating around.
  3. Add extra storage b The more storage space there is, the less disorganized the office will be.

Use these tips to improve the office and contact us at Morris Southeast for all your office needs.

The South Florida commercial real estate market is booming! Business owners across the region are searching for properties that provide more space, are in a better location, or upgrade the business’ amenities. If you are searching for new commercial space it is important to pay attention to current trends, including:

  • Big malls Retail businesses are returningB to the mall!B Many retail business are more likely interested in property in a large mall instead of properties located in spread outB shopping centers. The belief is that being located in a mall provides more exposure to potential customers.
  • Collaborative space Many offices have become far more collaborative and are utilizing shared work spaces. Take a careful look at any commercial property to determine if it would be conducive for your team’s collaboration.
  • Posh offices Commercial real estate properties are becoming far more luxurious. Business owners are searching for high end offices and retail spacesB that set them apart from the competition.

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Crowdfunding seems to be just one more reason why 2014 looks like a good year to buy South Florida commercial real estate. This new idea allows investors to pool money together, with as little as $5,000, to share the risk, and the profits of properties.

Crowdfunding is generally used to purchase commercial properties, such as industrial projects, offices, and multi-family homes. Many investors are turning to Crowdfunding instead of REITs to avoid the money and fees that go along with REITs.B Crowdfunding also allows for greater transparency and more control over the holdings of an investment. Investors can view progress reports and monitor properties online.This takes much of the due diligence out of making an investment on commercial property.

Crowdfunding, as with all investments, require some research and due diligence. If the firm behind a crowdfunding operation fails, then the investor has a mess to track and recover his/her investment. Investor places his/her trust into the vetting process and expertise of the chosen company, just as is the case with a purchase of a REIT.

If you are looking into purchasing South Florida commercial real estate, contact us to see how we can help you find the space you need.

As a manager or owner, itbs your job to make sure your business stays afloat and run smoothly. This provides income for you and your workers. However, an essential part of making your business run smoothly is worker health and happiness b something you can help improve in your office. Use these tips from Morris Southeast to help you make your workforce a healthier one.

  • Institute an exercise program in the office. Whether you choose to do this by getting employees to work earlier or allowing them to buy discounted gym memberships, an exercise program is your best bet for boosting health.
  • Have regular health screenings at your office. Allowing employees a screening on the clock can let them know about health problems they may have and learn about ways to get healthy, which is good for them and you.
  • Provide healthy food for your employees. You probably wonbt be buying every meal, but filling the break room with fresh fruit isnbt going to break the bank. Some information about a healthy diet posted wonbt hurt either.

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In the past, office spaces were designed to be efficient, even if that meant making them a bit dull and unexciting for employees. However, many business owners have now realized that a cheery workplace can actually make employees more productive and functional instead of wasting time. Use these tips to make your office a more cheerful place that employees will actually enjoy during the work day.

  • More kitchens, places to eat and common areas. These items make an office feel more like a home and make employees comfortable. Theybll also be less likely to worry about pulling long shifts or staying to get their work done.
  • Open spaces. The days of cubicles that enclose employees in their defined space are pretty much over. Instead, employers are opening up the floor plan to allow for better communication and sightlines. Open space also boosts natural sunlight and makes employees feel less lethargic in many cases.
  • Bright colors. Like open spaces, bright colors make employees feel happier and more functional in the office. Some colors can also improve mood and make employees feel more energetic!

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The office that you design makes a big impact on how productive, focuses and even how healthy your employees are. In the past, it didnbt seem to matter so much and gray cubicles were the norm, but today we know better. Use these tips from Morris Southeast to make your workplace one that inspires employees to be healthy, happy and more efficient in the office.

  • Offer preventative benefits to employees so that they stay healthy. Examples include on-site or off-site gym memberships and regular physical exams and checkups. You can even find a place to do these in your office to keep staff members healthy.
  • Allow some natural sunlight into your offices. Your employees wonbt stop working just because they see the sky and sun outside during the day! In fact, it can be a real productivity boost to not feel like youbre stuck in a drab office building all day.
  • Plan employee retreats and activities that can help them blow off steam and get to know their team members better. A more comfortable employee is a more productive one.

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